Transition to digital television ends in western Cuba in March

The partial transition program to digital terrestrial television will conclude in western Cuba in 2023’s first quarter, Granma reported on Friday.

Communication Deputy Minister Ana Julia Marine explained that the transition to digital terrestrial television in the country’s central region would be carried out by late 2023 and in eastern Cuba by late 2024.

The production and commercialization of decoder boxes and hybrid televisions will continue during 2023.

In late 2022, the State guaranteed 54,000 decoder boxes and their modules to vulnerable people and around 20,000 hybrid televisions to schools.

A total of 3.1 million TV sets have been sold to the population in the country since the beginning of the program, the newspaper stated.

Among the leading impacts of digital television are reducing the high-energy consumption of analog transmitters, and releasing the 700-Megahertz band, which can be used to expand 4G mobile services.